Typing In Gibberish That Anyone Can Understand


This post is mainly for people that type in languages other than english (like Urdu, Arabic, Hebrew, etc).
Ask yourself this: How many times did you find yourself traveling around the world, getting into an Internet Cafe house and type something like this:
“Shalom, Ani Karega Be Ztirich, Ve Ani nehene meod”
To any of you who do not understand Hebrew, or read Hebrew for that matter, this message would look like an unsuccessful attempt to compose a sentence by 3 year old. But it is NOT.

This sentence was written (hypothetically speaking of course) by an adult who decided to travel abroad and enjoy some quality vacation time. This individual found it hard to update his Facebook Status because the keyboard at the Internet Cafe House that he was using did not support his native language, Hebrew.
What he tried to communicate to his family and friends back home translated to this:
Hello, I am in Zurich at the moment, and I am having a great time”.
Now, what if I told you that there is a way to transliterate this sentence: “Shalom, Ani Karega Be Ztirich, Ve Ani nehene meod” into this: שלום, אני כרגע בציריך, ואני נהנה מאוד

The service is called “Google Transliteration” and it is brilliant!
Google Labs launched the service two days ago, and after testing it in many different ways, I am very happy to finally have a tool that makes my life easier when I try to send emails in Hebrew (thus far I have done so by using the iPod Touch).

There is a sample:

Google Transliteration (Click Image)
Google Transliteration (Click Image)

Now, where ever you travel in the world you have the ability to type in Gibberish (the way it sounds in your own language), and get your “weird” looking message transliterated into the language of your choice.
Go ahead and give it a try.

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  • Wow – great article! Fortunately, I can type Turkish from almost any keyboard but this is a great tool for people who don’t use the roman alphabet. Great find Mr. Itai!

  • Thanks Gunes. It worked very well, I have to admit. I was able to compose a few emails with only a few corrections (maybe 2 for an entire page). I guess I need to improve my Gibberish to avoid this type of mistakes in the future. :)