Watch The Web On Your TV (Google TV)

Google TV
Google TV

This is truly an innovative product by Google, one that I have desired for many many months now. Google TV is a brilliant attempt by Google to synergies the Web and the TV.

The concept is simple, build a TV (two providers at the moment, Sony and Logitech) that you can use to watch both your Web shows and your TV shows. There will be an option of buying a separate box that you can connect to your TV, so you don’t really need to buy the actual TV (although it will be cool to own such a TV).

I don’t normally watch TV, and when I do watch it I usually use my computer to do so. This innovative approach, however, might change this.

I can actually see myself using the service especially when I try to watch international sport games (such as European basketball, and soccer), which is kind of annoying to watch on a 13″ screen (I cannot really lay down on the couch when I am using my laptop).

I look forward to seeing what direction Google is planning to take this product. How much would it cost? And, will they use advertising during the web shows?

From a Marketing perspective, this opens endless opportunities to anyone really to publish their business for much much less than a conventional TV ad.

Now all I have to do is wait for Apple to reveal its own (device?).

We will wait and see what happens. In the meantime, watch the video below that describes the new Google TV


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