What If Facebook Was Real Life?

Facebook in Real Life
Facebook in Real Life



I read a funny article the other day about how Facebook would sound like in real life. The content is very entertaining, and  I encourage you to read it. The video below illustrates the point in the article. It is amusing on one hand, but also makes you wonder about our ‘social’ realm vs. our ‘real’ realm.

For instance, imagine a scenario where you are walking on the street and a total stranger approaches you and start asking about your sexual orientation? How will you react? My guess is that you will first be shocked, followed by a disapproval. This is what I call the ‘real’ realm‘, a realm where sharing personal information is considered a taboo. But what happens when we ‘enter’ the social realm? In this realm we find ourselves sharing more personal information than a stranger should know. Birthdays, workplace, religion, politics, interests, music, all are shared and are opened to the public to view. Look at your Facebook profile for example, how much of your private information is exposed to the public? My guess is enough to draw a nice profile of who you really are.

My question is simple: how come we are willing to so easily share this information on a social network, but feel repulsed if anyone asks us these questions directly.

Now watch the video and see what I mean:



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