What NOT To Learn From President Hugo Chavez On Twitter

Chavez Twitter Account
Chavez Twitter Account

There is a funny story for you:  Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is on Twitter. Now there is another funny story for you: He intends to take over Twitter, and become the most “followed” Twitterian. Frankly, I do not really care for Chavez’s new ambitious social media goals (good luck by the way, he has about 4.7 million to go before he catches up with Britney Spears).

But, I do care about  two important things:

  1. is what NOT to learn from Chavez attempt to become a Twitter dictator.
  2. is what people really think of him now that he joined the world wide web.

What NOT to learn:

A. if you have 120,000 followers (with or without a gun pointed to their head), make sure to follow more than 5 back.

B. When you tweet, keep your egocentric personality aside, and try to say less about yourself. In the case of Chavez, maybe something that might help his people (oh wait, forgot, “No puedo entender” on this end).

What people “really” think about Chavez:

Chavez is going to realize that he is not alone in the social media world, and people, like it or not, can and will express (luckily for him only in 140 characters) what they think about him, and “list” him in what they think fits best to his description . And boy did they ever!

Before I jump into what people had to say, or rather how they listed Chavez, let me just give a quick explanation of what “listing” on Twitter or Facebook are. Simply put, “lists” offer a way for you to bunch together other users on Twitter into groups so that you can get an overview of what they’re up to (e.g. CNN, Fox News, NPR and NY-Times will fall under the “News List”).

Now that you understand more about “lists”, these are some of the “lists” I collected about Chavez (Note: as of today he was listed more than 3000 times).

Take a look:


Welcome to the Social Media World Chavez!


facebook comments:

  • Alex

    Why dont you show also when @chavezcandanga is in /amigos?. You do not love comunication with other… you disrespect other’s point of view.

  • Alex,
    Thanks for your comment.
    I enjoy communicating with others, and I choose to respect all point of views, or opinions (hence letting people comment).

    The theme of this post was to illustrate the idea that no matter how popular you are ( in this case a president of a country), in the social media world you will always be criticized for your actions (good or bad) no matter what.