What type of Twitter platform are you?

I had this conversation with a friend of mine yesterday, discussing the definition of Twitter, and the role it serves in different communities.  We noticed that ‘followers’ do not really tweet to social anymore, but rather they  RT and provide links, I would say, 70% of the time.  My argument was that Twitter is turning (almost) to be  a Marketing 1.0 tool , this time in the form of Spam links.

I believe the average Twitter user has roughly about 10-20 followers he or she communicates on a “social” level, which leaves the rest of the 1000 followers to be what? In other words, how would you define the followers who you do not social with (I will take your input on this one)?

This information is not research based, but I divide Twitter platform  into three categories: Social platform 15%, Distribution platform 70%, and Spam platform 15%.  Please share your own experience on this topic by commenting below.

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