When A Traditional Marketing Analyst Speaks [Opinion]

Traditional Marketing

As part of my morning reading routine, I came across an interesting article about the new Google phone, Nexus One. I will not go into details about what this article covered (you can read it yourself when you are done with this post), but I would like to quote one part of this article that made me cringe with astonishment:

“…Wall Street Journal quoted one analyst as saying, “Unless [Google] gives it a big push with marketing dollars, which they are not, consumers aren’t going to know the phone exists…the company says it is favoring an online strategy as opposed to television for its campaigns (which is why the analyst quoted above doubted its chances)…”

I could not disagree with this “analyst” any more that I do now. I mean, unless this “analyst” lived in a soup can for the past decade or so, he should really seek for a different profession.

Consider this: according to a survey published by Harris Interactive, “adult internet users are now spending an average of 13 hours a week online. About 14% spends 24 or more hours a week online…”

To say that favoring an Online Marketing Strategy as opposed to Traditional Marketing Strategy (aka Outbound Marketing) will make Google Phone fail is really ignorant, to say the least.

Furthermore, the “analyst” suggested Google should “give it a big push with marketing dollar”, really? Why? With 65.4% of search engine market share, why should Google invest in Outbound Marketing, when it can save all the “big marketing dollars” by using free marketing services of which some they already own? Example: PPC, YouTube, Bloggers, Twitter, and Facebook just to name a few. Personally, I think a blog post review by a Techcrunch geek can generate more buzz and traffic than any TV ad. I am not suggesting Google is not spending money on Marketing, they do, but what I do say is that Google should not and does not need to spend money and effort on outbound marketing.

The Bottom line quite simple: It is Google, and Online is what they do best.

What do you think Google’s best marketing strategy should be?

Update: I just read this interesting update: Nexus One gets prime ad real estate on Google’s Homepage (check it out).

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