Where Are All the New Photos?

Here is the simple answer to those of you who keep asking me about new photos from Singapore, and if I quit photography: I didn’t quit photography. In fact, I have a nice collection of photos I took in Singapore that I simply can’t wait to migrate to Lightroom. The reason I haven’t done it thus far is not because I’m lazy (you know me better than this), but rather, it’s because my Mac is (almost) on its deathbed. It slows down significantly when I use Lightroom, and I simply don’t have the patience to spend 10 minutes on each photo I edit. In the interim I just keep taking photos to edit later.

What is later?

Later is when I get my new Mac. Hopefully on our next visit to the States (probably around January) I can pick a new modified Mac in one of the Apple stores. Until then I keep it simple, focusing mainly on lightweight applications such as Microsoft Office suite.

So, there you have it, the answer to the photos question.

If you get bored at work and need something to make you smile, visit my new 500px.com page. It’s growing quite fast :).

PS: Shana Tova to all my Jewish friends and family around the globe! :)

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